Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's an e. Gunnii ( I think )

I originally planted a couple of these in the wrong place and had to transplant them when they were about 4 feet tall. I took a large root ball and a lot of soil from around the plant and added bonemeal to help the roots get started. They must have liked the move because both of these trees are thriving, each is about 15 feet tall at age 2 years and a bit. Are they e. Gunnii ?

One of the problems I have found is that most nurseries don't really know much about eucs so sometimes aren't sure what they are selling. Hence I get them home and planted and then struggle to be sure what they are. That's the main reason I have put up this blog so that I can get input on what variety of euc I have. These trees are great fun to grow and I hope to add to my collection. One thing that has been on my side for the 3 years I've been growing eucs is that we haven't had a really cold winter. We've had a bit of snow but nothing serious in the way of cold. Posted by Picasa


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