Monday, January 09, 2006

Euacalyptus photos.

It would be interesting to see photos of eucalyptus trees in other peoples gardens. I'm particularly interested in the hardy varieties that us Euc.nuts try to grow in colder climates. We have really mild winters here on Southern Vancouver Island but there is always the threat of real cold every few years. So if you have any posted photos, please send me your links.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Gotta Move it ! !

On the right the e. neglecta is about two years old. This past spring I planted an e. unknown next to it and already they are too close together. So I need to transplant the smaller euc. This e.unknown is now about 7 feet tall so I really hope moving it doesn't kill it. Can anyone give tell me how wide and deep the root ball might be ? Any other tips on transplanting. I've had good success moving eucs in the past but all of them have been smaller than this one.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

~ Eucalyptus Debeuzevillei ~ Jounama Snow Gum

This tree is 2 + years old and has been a bit slow in growing. It's now maybe 12 feet tall. It has really good form and likely will be a handsome tree when it gets a little bigger.

If you don't think this is an e. Debeuzevillei please let me know. Posted by Picasa

A better photo of the e. Gunnii ?

I hope this shows enough of the tree detail so it can be properly identified.

This really lovely tree is still not 3 years old and perhaps close to 20 feet tall. It has 2 main trunks and is quite bushy from the ground up.

Do you think it's an e. Gunnii ? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The mystery euc.

This is a better photo of the small mystery eucalyptus. The previous photo ( down the page ) had my dog Schooner sitting beside the plant. This euc has been in the ground only a few months but is really thriving. Unlike my other varieties, this one has leaves closely bunched together and none of the young ones are round. Any thoughts on what variety I have here ? Posted by Picasa

Our Pileated Woodpeckers

These birds are here on a daily basis and seem to co-exist with all the other birds here on our property. In fact they are often feeding right beside a little fellow like a chickadee or a nuthatch.
I think this is a parent and two of this seasons offspring. The young ones started coming around to the suet feeders in early summer. They are now mature so I can't tell who is who but they are tame enough to let me get quite close. Posted by Picasa

Planting eucs in November

I couldn't resist this e. Bridgesiana at the local nursery the other day for $ 9.95. It's only about 4 feet tall so I hope it makes it through the winter. I'm relying on the tag on the plant for the variety name. Is it a Bridgesiana and does anyone out there have one of these ? Posted by Picasa

Schooner and the unknown Eucalyptus

This is my Bernese Mountain dog sitting next to a mystery eucalyptus. I planted it in August and it has doubled in size so it must like it here. I realize the photo is from a bit far away but can anyone suggest what this tree is ? I'll get out tomorrow and take a closeup. Posted by Picasa

It's an e. Gunnii ( I think )

I originally planted a couple of these in the wrong place and had to transplant them when they were about 4 feet tall. I took a large root ball and a lot of soil from around the plant and added bonemeal to help the roots get started. They must have liked the move because both of these trees are thriving, each is about 15 feet tall at age 2 years and a bit. Are they e. Gunnii ?

One of the problems I have found is that most nurseries don't really know much about eucs so sometimes aren't sure what they are selling. Hence I get them home and planted and then struggle to be sure what they are. That's the main reason I have put up this blog so that I can get input on what variety of euc I have. These trees are great fun to grow and I hope to add to my collection. One thing that has been on my side for the 3 years I've been growing eucs is that we haven't had a really cold winter. We've had a bit of snow but nothing serious in the way of cold. Posted by Picasa

See the photo below.

This is a close up of the same tree I have mentioned in the photo below. Notice the Pileated Woodpecker on the tree to the bottom left of this photo. We have a family of 3 that are on our property all the time and have become quite tame. Posted by Picasa

Is this an e. Urnigera ?

I got some seeds off a huge eucalyptus last year at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific and because of the urn like shape of the pods I have guessed that this might be an e.Urnigera. I had a difficult time propagating the seeds but have managed to get 2 trees growing and both are now about 5 feet tall.

Does anyone know the big euc at the HCP ? Is it an e.Urnigera or can you tell from this photo the identity of my tree ? Posted by Picasa

E. Neglecta

This is one of my eucs that I'm sure of the variety. For anyone who doesn't know, it's an e.Neglecta. ( put it in the ground and neglect it ?) Anyway, this one is 2 years old and probably 10 feet tall. It took a year to get growing but now seems bigger by the day. Interesting thing about this tree is the almost square trunk and stem, and of course the big floppy, elephant ear leaves.  Posted by Picasa

My favourite euc.

This is my favourite euc. so far. As you can see from the photo, it's a very full tree with beautiful birch white bark. As it gets bigger if it retains this shape it will be the feature tree on our property. I'd like to know more about this variety so I can get another of this same sub species. I believe it's an e. Pauciflora but there likely is a subspecies to go with that. Any thoughts on what this tree really is ? Posted by Picasa

This is the first eucalyptus I planted.

Posted by Picasa This was a little fellow about 18 inches tall when I planted it 3 years ago. It has really taken hold and is now about 25 feet tall. I have the feeling that this is going to be a huge tree so it's fortunate that it was planted where there is lots of room. I believe it's an e.parvula but if you think it's something else please let me know. I'd also like to know how big this might get.